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A funeral provides the opportunity for family and friends to bid farewell to a loved one or fond associate. While respectively acknowledging the life of the deceased it allows the grief process to begin and ensures that a proper legal burial or cremation occurs. Upon making contact, one of our caring staff will gently but progressively ascertain your wishes culminating in a thoughtful and dignified funeral service.   Church and Burial Service This involves a religious ceremony at a church of chosen faith wherein a casket is present. At the conclusion of the church service the cortege (hearse with casket and attendees) will travel to either a cemetery or crematorium for a burial or cremation. Graveside only service A graveside service can be officiated by clergy, a celebrant or family member as desired. Whilst not conducted in a church, the ceremony chosen may be a traditional religious service, a partly religious service, or non-religious in nature. A graveside service is often chosen in accordance with the wishes of the deceased reflecting their desire for a less formal farewell. However, it is still a  dignified affair often including marquee, music, chairs, pa system and sometimes with a bagpiper or singer present. Cremation Service A cremation may be the manner in which you or your loved one has elected to deal with physical remains. The cremation often follows a church service, or alternatively, it can take the form of providing an attended chapel service wherein a casket is present. The ceremony may be officiated by clergy, a celebrant, a family member, or possibly just a non- officiated period wherein attendees can spend time in the presence of the casket prior to cremation. War Veteran's Services Irrespective of whether it is a church, graveside, or chapel/cremation ceremony, Watkins Funeral Directors will at the families request, incorporate a War Veterans Service. This usually involves the Australian flag being spread over the casket; removal and folding thereof in a dignified fashion; a reading of the deceased war record and oath by a representative of the RS, and playing the last post and revellie.
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