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A funeral is the final opportunity that family and friends have to express their love and respect

for the deceased. The funeral will ensure that a proper and legal burial or cremation occurs

and begins the journey of working through grief.

A valuable aspect of the funeral service should be its individuality. Whether a ceremony is elaborate or simple, a funeral is often aimed to reflect the life of the person who has died and to hold special meaning for family and friends.   The day, time and place of the funeral service will be determined primarily from your wishes. However, confirmation of these wishes depends upon the availability of the Funeral Director, clergy/celebrant, venue(s) and completion of necessary documentation. A reasonable element of time is also necessary to organise and consolidate your requests and finalise all preparations.   Before moving along a particular train of thought you are actively encouraged to speak with the Funeral Director and confirm arrangements prior to putting plans in place which may unfortunately need to change.

Arranging a Funeral

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Arranging a Funeral